Essences hold the energy signature of the flower, tree, plant or other aspect of Nature from which they are made.

Provided in liquid form in a dropper bottle or spray bottle, they are usually taken orally or, as in the case of the sprays, can be sprayed around your energy field and environment.

When you consume an essence, its unique energy signature is transferred from the liquid in the bottle into your own system, imbuing your whole being with its powerful and unique vibration. They promote a rebalancing where the energetic system has fallen out of balance, thus restoring equilibrium and enhancing wellbeing.

Nature is concerned with balance in all its manifestations, and strives to maintain this balance in all forms.

Every tree, plant, or flower contains the wholeness of the energy of Nature and also has its own unique character.

Therefore each of the An-Grianan Essences encapsulates the balancing effects of all of Nature plus the particular characteristic of the tree, plant or flower with which the essence has been produced.

Essences help us surf the waves that life brings our way and to remain connected

to the qualities of love, peace, gratitude, and so forth.

The plants are always there to assist us as we move through life,

bringing to us their nourishing and uplifting essence.


Essences are traditionally made by floating the flowers of a the plant or tree in a bowl of water.

However, many contemporary producers now use other methods.

At An-Grianan Essences I now make most of my essences using the Proximity method.

In this way I do not have to cut the flowers or damage the plant in any way.

A small glass bottle containing water is placed with the plant or tree from which the essence is to be made, and is left there for several hours, or longer as feels appropriate. This allows time for the energetic signature of the plant to imbue the water held in this bottle with its unique, beneficial vibration. This ‘Mother Essence’ bottle is then topped up with organic Vodka which acts as a preservative (the addition of alcohol is traditional in essence making).

Stock bottles are then prepared from the Mother Essences.

Unless indicated otherwise, all essences on this site are provided at stock level,

and are ready to use as per the instructions on your bottle.