I have felt a free flow of joy and creativity in my being… and an underlying feeling of anxiety has melted away…


I was in a state of shock, but after taking the essences that Susan made up for me, I felt calm and relaxed.

Mr H

The (An-Grianan) essences help me to connect with my centre. ... and...let go of patterning that no longer serves me.... The essences are powerful but work in a gentle and paced way. I have gained insights and found space to see and support myself. ~ Ms J

Ms J

The overall effects of the healing have been powerful and transformational… something huge has cleared and changed for me.


Susan has a wonderful calming manner. She is a good pro-active listener and enabled me to explore and verbalise my thoughts more deeply… I felt safe in her presence…


The energy work was very healing and helped me through a difficult time… I noticed my mood and sense of wellbeing had improved and I was a lot clearer about my direction. I whole heartedly recommend Susan.