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Susan McCrone - Producer of An-Grianan Essences

As a horticulturist and essence maker, I have pursued my interest in health and wellbeing ever more deeply over the years. I am grateful to have been the beneficiary of the inspiration and wellbeing that Nature continually brings to heart and mind.

As part of this process I have been creating essences for my own use since 2000.

In 2016 I started to formalise the collection as the An-Grianan Essences ranges

which you will find here on this site.

As you browse this website, I hope you enjoy the photographs you will come across. It is one of my great delights to spend time photographing the flowers and trees here in our 4 acre garden as well as further afield.

The photographs of flowers, trees and nature on this site are all original photographs taken by Susan McCrone,

and the text has been written by her for this website.  As such, these photographs and text are copyrighted to and

are the intellectual property of Susan McCrone.

You are welcome to use the photographs and text for educational purposes only.  Please email her first for written consent. 

They may not be copied or reproduced in any way for commercial purposes.  

Thank you.