Caledonian Forest PURIFYING Spray 50ml

Caledonian Forest PURIFYING Spray 50ml

Time in the forest is a wonderful way to clear the head and to slow down as we breathe in the fresh air gifted to us by the trees around us.  Scotland’s ancient forests at one time covered most of this country. Pockets of our ancient woodland still remain, where many of our native trees, plants, and wildlife continue to bless these lands. 

Containing the essences of our most iconic Caledonian trees, as well as essential oils of Juniper and Scots Pine to purify and cleanse, this Spray embraces the timeless qualities of our forests, and the Power of Nature embodied in this ancient land. 


Contains the energy signatures of:

Scots Pine 

and essential oils of:

Juniper – A deliciously earthy and woody scent with a mysterious hint.
Scots Pine – An energising fragrance which encapsulates the wildness and vibrancy of our native pine forests.