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Deep Roots GROUNDING Spray 50ml

Deep Roots GROUNDING Spray 50ml

DEEP ROOTS is an earthy blend of essential oils and An-Grianan Tree Essences, which will suffuse your energy field and the space around you with a deep groundedness and support, while bringing a sense of stillness and tranquility.


Contains the energy signatures of:

Douglas-fir - INNER SUPPORT

The essence of Douglas Fir attunes us to the support inherent in our essential nature. This support is solid and steady like a mountain. It connects us to a feeling of stability and brings a deep contentment even if there is turmoil internally or externally. This inner quality of support can also help us to reach out and access sources of outer support where required.


The essence of Oak is strength, stability and a deep groundedness. When we embrace this quality in ourselves it can bring recognition of our deeper potential which is grounded in this stable base of solidity. From this base, the potential for right action can manifest in order to bring benefit to ourselves and others with whom we share this world.


Walnut reconnects us to the natural state of stillness and peace intrinsic within our being. When we connect with Walnut we are reminded that our true nature is empowered by this deep, peaceful stillness. Walnut brings an expansion of perspective and calls us ‘home’. As with the other Tree Essences, Walnut reminds us that we are One with all that is.


and essential oils of:

Amyris – Warm and woody aroma – Relaxing and calming

Juniper – Fresh, woody scent – Cleansing

Patchouli – Rich and spicy aroma – Grounding and balancing

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