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Petals of the Heart ROSE Spray 50ml

Petals of the Heart ROSE Spray 50ml

A beautiful selection of An-Grianan Rose Essences are matched with Frankincense and Geranium oils to gently and lovingly bathe you in their heart-warming embrace.

Shine the light of your own heart, and 'be love'.


Contains a selection of An-Grianan Rose Essences;

Rosa canina/Dog Rose - SELF CONFIDENCE

Essence of Dog Rose bears a delightful, vibrant energy. She is strong and beautiful, unafraid of her own vibrancy and self-confidence. When we feel less than confident of our own inner beauty and vitality, Dog Rose will support us to recover and embody these qualities in ourselves.

Rosa glauca/ Glaucus Rose - COURAGEOUS LOVE

Essence of Redleaf Rose carries the quality of love that is unafraid to show itself. It brings to us that courageous, fearless open heartedness that is fully ready to express the love we carry and to be there for those who can benefit from our loving support.

Rosa moyesii/Moyes Rose - BE LOVE

Essence of Moyes Rose speaks to us of our true nature. The trials of life can mean we disconnect from the reality that ‘we are love’. Moyes Rose calls us to “Walk with me and know that you are love. Be the way of love in all you do”. Be Love!

Rosa pimpinellifolia/Burnet Rose - FILFILLMENT

White contains all the colours of the spectrum, and in the same way, the white of the rose petals reminds us that we too are full of colour. How do we choose to weave those colours together in the dance of life? The Essence of Burnet Rose facilitates a stepping back in order to look at our lives more objectively, and ask ourselves – am I weaving a life that truly fulfils me? When we know the answer we can then make any changes that need to be made.

Rosa rugosa/Rugosa Rose - FORGIVENESS

The Essence of Rosa rugosa brings the quality of forgiveness. When we are hurt, she brings repair to our heart. If we carry resentment, this pains us more than anyone else, and eventually the time comes to move on. Rosa rugosa brings a greater perspective which allows the pain to dissolve, and to forgive from a more enlightened place within ourselves.

Paeonia officinalis ‘rubra plena/Peony Rose - GRATITUDE

Peony brings a passionate, devotional energy where the force of spirit can flow, vibrant and enlivening, in the heart centre. Full-hearted and engaged with life, gratitude abounds and our cup overflows.


and Organic essential oils of Frankincense and Geranium;

Frankincense – Soothing, warming, and balancing
Geranium – Restoring and uplifting

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